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Judith Crowe - Gemstones

I supply gemstones to the trade as well as private individuals; sourcing them from around the world including Brazil, Sri Lanka, East Africa and Thailand. My prices are fair and competitive plus I endeavour to practice a 'fair trade' policy.

I have a large selection of high-grade coloured stones (faceted and cabochons), which contains rare, unique pieces and unusual cuts and shapes.

Judith Crowe - Gemstones

Judith Crowe - Gemstones

Judith Crowe - Gemstones

My gem stock also includes fine, untreated Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and Diamonds that are certified.

I have a wide range of pearls; from inexpensive cultured Freshwater to Saltwater Tahitian and South Sea, to Japanese Keshi and rare, natural Abalone and Conch.  I also supply good-quality gemstone beads in a range of materials and hold a selection of rough gem material for cutting-to-order.  

Judith Crowe - Gemstones


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